Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Florence Italy brings good chianti wine, amazing beef, and awesome gelato

I love Florence.  It is full of awesome sites, delicious beef, and some great gelato.  The people are chill and it's my favorite place to spend a few days in Italy.


Arno River

My first meal in Italy was at Trattoria de Giorgio.  What a great value restaurant as you get a primi, secondi, vegetable, wine, and water all for 13 euros!  Most places charge 13 euros just for one pasta dish!  It's full of locals and families.  They don't pick up the phone for reservations and you will just have to wait in line by the door until someone invites you in.  I ordered handmade truffle pasta with mushrooms to start, braised porkshank in tomato sauce as a second, and swiss chard as the third.  Both were pretty good and are probably the best meal in Florence you can get for 13 euro's. 

Trattoria Da Giorgio
Address: Via Palazzuolo, 100, 50123 Florence, Italy

Handmade truffle pasta with mushrooms
A huge braised pork shank!  I couldn't finish it all

After dinner it is a must to try Gelato in Florence.
Ricotta Cheese and carmelized fig gelato

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